Reformatory Records was founded in 2008 by myself, Mike Repel, and I am also the owner of Repel Music Distribution, and most recently, the author of THE MUSIC INDUSTRY SELF HELP GUIDE
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In a short period of time this label has become an internationally recognized independent and aggressive grass roots record label fueled by D.I.Y. concepts and a lifetime of participation in underground and independent music scenes.

Here at Reformatory Records I proudly provide a launch pad for the careers of upcoming artists. I support several genres of music and have major label international distribution. Music from Reformatory records artists is available in every country on almost every online and mobile music provider. I have pushed to ensure that we have a larger reach than just the larger standard sites that some commercial distributors sell their music through, our music is available everywhere and we have placement in Internet Jukeboxes in over 125,000 Bars, clubs, and restaurants as well. I am fully dedicated to my artists and I go through painstaking lengths to ensure proper artist development and business management while they are under contract with Reformatory Records.

I started this business myself, and I have continued to run it myself with no outside help since the idea was conceived and became tangible until very recently. In short; I made something out of nothing. Earlier this year I have named an A&R Rep / Artist Manager to the Management Team. Paul G. is our Southwest and West coast regional A&R Rep, he brings 30 years of experience and wisdom to the table and that fits well with the companies vision.
I am able to provide the tools my artists need to succeed through decades of my own personal experience in the music industry and with a strong management team we have become more effective and innovative.

I have always maintained a close relationship with my artists and provide a wide variety of in-house services here including full studio production, mixing and mastering, video editing, Conceptual graphic design, CD layout and design, advertising, marketing, branding and merchandising, promotions and booking, along with several other support services, all of which I have been doing myself. As the label continues to grow and more industry professionals get on board, this core foundation, and the ability to oversee all these aspects of artist development will ensure excellence and keep us a head of the curve that we are creating and others are currently copying.

This stems from the desire to achieve and constantly move forward. If I had to wait on people to produce the results I’ve achieved, this company would not be here.

Reformatory Records is always accepting artist submissions from full time working bands/artists of all genres, with or without management and I am interested with working with you if you are currently proactive in your career, performing live on a consistent basis and have the resources and transportation to tour and travel, and have a following. Here at Reformatory Records we DO NOT USE SAMPLED MATERIAL FROM OTHER ARTISTS, any samples that are part of your music will be rejected, and your songs that use samples will have to be reformatted should I decide to engage you as an artist. If you want to submit your material for review, then go to the CONTACT US Menu and click on the ARTIST SUBMISSIONS Link. Fill out the attached form. I will review your material and open up correspondence should you meet label criteria.


As a label and as a team member with my artists, we are looking to expand our base of producers that we work with. If you are interested in working with this record label and its artists, then please go to the PRODUCER SUBMISSIONS page under the CONTACT US menu button and fill out the provided form. If we use your material you will be entitled to royalty payments, naming credits online, on the cds, and on all printed advertising and media, and more. This will NOT be an exclusive agreement and you will be considered an independent contractor and retain the ability to make beats for your other clients.

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Latest News


The official DJ HOUSE – House Runs Thru Me video

We are have recently signed Erick Martin, a country music artist from Las Vegas, who will be opening for Journey, Boston and Steppenwolf on May 3rd at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada.

I have recently done an in-depth interview for Skope Magazine about what it takes to run the label and it can be read by clicking HERE.

We have been very happy with the digital distribution services that we have for our artists and are now making these services available to other record labels. If you are interested you can read more on this program on our DISTRIBUTION page.

On Tuesday November 27th 2012, REFORMATORY RECORDS was at Oak Park River Forest High School’s Career Day Job fair. We spoke to alot of students on Music Industry opportunities including internships with the label, audio production and supporting careers such as graphic design, AV production, law, marketing and advertising, booking and promotions, merchandising and more. Shown above is our artist DJ HOUSE explaining basic music composition and audio production techniques to interested students.

We would like to personally thank the guidance counselor staff, faculty, and students at Oak Park River Forest High School for their hospitality and interest in having us at their job fair.


After a successful 4 days of non-stop grinding and networking at the 8th annual A3C Hip Hop Festival we are back in Chicago.

Sevensixx made quite an impression during their live performance and as a result of this we already have bigger things in the works.
We are planning a late winter tour next year and trying to juggle at least two performance dates at SXSW this March in Austin Texas.

We would like to thank Brian, Mike and the entire A3C Festival staff, DJ Wayneski our showcase DJ, Big Redd Bull our host, The Masquerade stage manager, stage staff, backstage security and Chris Matthews from X-Treme Promo.com for organizing the Historical “Taste OF Chicago” showcase this year which was the first time a stage was dedicated to Chicago artists only. Appearing on the main indoor stage at the Masquerade venue were Chicago artists Edai, Fresh, Sqwert, Pure Blood, MIC, Mush Millions, our very own SEVENSIXX, YP, GLC, King Louie, and Twista respectively.

Backstage was a beehive of activity with media personnel and other celebrities including Dougie Fresh who were popping in and out and it was a great opportunity to do some last minute building before the end of the Festival.

All in all, I would say that we accomplished what we set out to do and more, and we are looking forward to our involvement next year. This year marks Reformatory Records third year being involved in the festival and second year as a partial sponsor.

I myself was named as a panelist this year on a music marketing panel at Criminal Records with Industry heavy hitters Randy Roper (Million Dollar Dreamz), Honorable C-Note, DJ Smallz, DJ Burn One, A-King (PNC Radio), Tef Poe (St. Louis Rap artist), DJ Spinz, and DJ Chuck T. Thanks Tom.